37 Hours

8:30am – A Jerusalem moment

I am on the bus and an older gentleman with a cane got on with his wife. His wife sits down first on a seat facing the back and as he arranges himself to sit down the bus jerks forward and he loses his balance.  Two women on either side of the aisle catch him, each one catches an arm.  He finds his footing and sits down. Everyone chuckles a bit.

The story should really end there. I notice it not because of the kindness of strangers, but because he is wearing a knitted kippa, the woman on his left is a religious woman with a head covering and the woman on his right is a Muslim with a hijab (her ears are covered and the ear pieces of her glasses sit outside her hijab).

This is Jerusalem.

9:00am – 10:00am – Acupuncture

I love going to acupuncture. Everything that was out of balance gets rebalanced.

I have two big deadlines, one today and one tomorrow morning, and a balancing session takes my stress level down.



I planned to be home an hour ago.  I’ll just put the 2 hours into the project due today and get that off my plate so I can focus on the one due tomorrow.


Send. That was not 2 hours.

I’m hungry and I need to change gears. I think I’ll watch one of my funny Korean dramas and laugh a little while eating.



Korean drama turned into some YouTube surfing and now I have to really get started. It will be a late night, but I should be done in 5 hours, maybe 6.


I’m just going to close my eyes for 20 minutes. I’m setting the alarm.


Wha-huh! Glerg. Merf.


Oops. Ok. Focus. This should only take 3 more hours, maybe less.


Potty break. Flush. Oh, I forgot that they were shutting off the water for repairs tonight. Do I have water? I want to make some tea. Will I dehydrate before the water gets turned back on?



Why? Why is this so long?


From 2:20am to 8:00am the space-time continuum folded in on itself and I was in a perpetual loop – but calm and relaxed. Time continued to move forward at varying speeds.


Send.  Yes, it’s on time! Exhale.


Stephen Hawking died. Did I fold the space-time continuum so hard last night that Stephen Hawking died?

Oh, shoot. Mom went to Asia today and I didn’t call. She crossed the International Date Line, so is she in tomorrow or yesterday? I think she went to the future.

The US changed its clocks to Daylight Savings Time this week, but Israel doesn’t do it until next week! Ha, ha! We still have the hour that the US lost! And yet, I feel like I already lost that hour sometime in the night …

After waking from sleep-mode, my computer clock thinks it’s April 19, 2018. Even my computer is time traveling!

(Sure, you might say that these are just a bunch of random coincidences or a case of selective attention, but maybe these are clues!)


I’m giving a massage this afternoon. The truth is that I find it really relaxing and I’m happy to do it.


Out to dinner. Asian fusion ramyun and beer. Peanut butter dessert and tea.


I’m streaming NCIS: Los Angeles. They are rescuing Hetty from Viet Nam. I wonder how Mom is doing.

*Fade to black before I find out how the episode ends*

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