Taking a moment

Sometimes it’s good to just stop everything and enjoy the moment.

When I have the chance to walk to or from the office, I prefer to walk along a new-ish park that follows the path of the railroad tracks, which haven’t been in use for decades. The city created some lovely green space and it’s worthwhile to enjoy it.

Now imagine this: a light, cool breeze to counter the sun warming your skin; the scent of blooming trees and flowers passing by on the breeze; the lush green as a background for beautiful flowers; and birdsong as background music to the conversations of relaxing people. It would be perfect if we all had pineapple flavored popsicles cooling our tongues (trust me on this one).

When I stop to take these pictures, I make a point of being grateful for experiencing this specific moment.


(I took these pictures at different times of the day over the past few weeks.)