Priorities in order

So much happening this week all over the world!

It’s not in the scope of this blog to talk about the Trump administration, but – say what??!!

I wanted to write about the UNESCO decision on Hebron, but I didn’t have time to fully research the topic.  Also, I cannot find the actual text of the decision on the UNESCO site.  I don’t want to quote secondary sources on it, if I can avoid it.  That should also tell you something about the decision.

The Temple Mount is in the news again and not in a good way.  Again, more research is needed before I would want to comment.

So I’m only going to write about the most important thing that is happening today:

Happy Birthday Mom!

Mom early 70s Israel

What would you have told this young version of yourself?

You will move to another country (the third!) and learn another language (the third!), you’ll have two more children (boys!), you’ll have a hand in raising many children in your daycare, you’ll be a teacher, you’ll be a violinist in a symphony orchestra, you’ll be a world traveler, you’ll be curious about politics and will always strive to learn more, and you’ll be a grandma (twice over!).


But to me you’ll always be Mom.

cropped me and mom