To Remember

Hebrew is a very logical, systematic language.  Once you know a root, you have a whole vocabulary arena open to you.  This week’s root is זכר (z.k.r), which is the root for “to remember.”

The Yiddish word for the annual remembrance of the death of a loved one is called a yahrzeit, the time of the year. In Hebrew it is more often called an azkara, a memorial. I like that one better.  I want to remember my dad, not just mark time. The prayer that is said is called yizkor.

This week completed the year of firsts without my dad.  Living so far away from him, our relationship was built on phone calls, so even though he wasn’t actually here, he was as close as a phone call.  Now if I want to share something with him, I have to remind myself that he’s in a place without cell service.

Dad loved to eat at diners, so my brothers in the US took time off and went to a diner.  I was so glad that they called me so I could join them virtually.  It was good for us to share memories and tell funny stories about Dad.

Now we begin the year of seconds without Dad.  But no matter how many years pass, we have our memories, we remember, and usually we laugh.  May his memory always be a blessing to us.

Those were the days!

David J. Brown z”l
Aug. 15, 1941 – Mar. 1, 2016

5 thoughts on “To Remember

  1. Smells trigger my memories of my late relatives . . . actually, most of my memories. The way Brooklyn smells on a crisp autumn morning takes me back to when I lived as a poor grad student in Madrid. Ground white pepper and drying shallots reminds me of me Taiwanese grandmother, etc.

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    • I’ve heard that smell is one of the strongest senses to bring your mind back to a place or time. There are also certain smells that bring back my childhood. Interestingly, a rare smell today in Jerusalem is dusty sage. I used to smell it all the time when we visited when I was a kid. But now it is a rare and wonderful thing to experience.

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  2. I know how special it is for you and your brothers to share time. I am very glad to know that you shared an order of pancakes or greasy diner burger together. Your dad might not have cell service anymore . Now he doesn’t need it. He is with you all of the time. Local call xoxo


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