Jerusalem scenes

Sunday, May 13, is Jerusalem Day marking 51 years since the city was reunified.  When I lived in the center of town, I could look over my balcony and enjoy the parade marching by.

Now that I’ve moved, I see a different Jerusalem, the one that real people live in day to day, not the one that is on the news or the politically charged one on the internet.



Last week I didn’t write because I had a cat situation. Long story short: my vet makes house calls and came to my apartment at 2am. It was his last call of the day. He ended up doing oral surgery on my cat on the coffee table.

Sport disco

I returned home on Wednesday (aka the day after Trump announced he was pulling the US out of the Iran deal) to hear my neighbor getting psyched up for the Beitar Jerusalem soccer match that night. His method? Opening his window, placing the speaker on the ledge, and turning it up to 11 to play songs like this:


Ani ohev otach Betar – I love you Beitar!

He played other songs in a similar style. (Mizrachi music will have to get a separate blog post as I learn more. Though to be honest I closed all my windows to try to shut it out, but it didn’t help.)

Beitar Jerusalem publicity video (Is that music from Gladiator in the background?)

Later in the evening, I heard cheering from Teddy Stadium. I don’t live that close to the stadium, or at least I didn’t think I did. I’m not sure what was being cheered since Beitar lost to Haifa in a shocking upset (so say the news articles).

And Bruce Lee too?

As part of the International Writer’s Festival this week in Jerusalem, one of the writers was asked to speak and choose a movie that was meaningful to him. He chose Enter the Dragon. Before the film, he had a conversation with an Israeli writer and it was interesting – although not exactly what I had expected.

Enter the Dragon trailer

Anyway, try to imagine who might have been in the audience at a 9pm screening. Is your first thought little old ladies who bring snacks in small noisy bags?  One sat behind me making comments in Hebrew during the English conversation (loud enough to be heard on the stage) and then gasped and oohed and ahed during the movie. At some point her companion told her to be quiet because people were giving her looks. The guy sitting in front of me who had a bird’s nest hairstyle took his shoes off and put his feet on the seats in front. The rest of the audience seemed more or less normal from my observational post, but interestingly, it seemed that there were more women than men or perhaps more accurately, there were not as many men as I would have expected.

Sure, we heard news this week about attacks on Iranian targets in Syria. I saw that the door to the bomb shelter in my local park was open.

And yet.

People live here. They don’t cower in fear and pause their lives (unless they absolutely have to) here.

Next Sunday, Jerusalem will celebrate its reunification and the people of Jerusalem will dance in the streets because we choose life and freedom (and American Israelis will call their mothers. Happy Mother’s Day!).

And the day after that, Monday, May 14, we’ll open the US Embassy in Jerusalem. That should be exciting!

7 thoughts on “Jerusalem scenes

  1. Awww, poor kitty, but your description of kitties coming out of anesthesia (not in the post) was hilarious. Also, ¡FÚTBOOOOOOOOOL! Why must people disrespect the memory of Bruce Lee with nek-kid feet on seats and loud snacks.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I kept calling them drunk monkeys – which is nearly the name of a Kung Fu style (Drunken Monkey). That must be what links it all together! 😀
    All things considered, we all enjoyed the film. I think more guys would have come if it was the one with Chuck Norris. The Chuck Norris meme used to be hugely popular. But the ladies show up for Bruce.


  3. Soooo. Looks like Someone’s perspective is shifting. I missed seeing you and Mom, looking down on us “regular folks” in the parade this year as you girls did last year. I miss having my girlfriend down the street. Very sorry that kitty had a painful episode . I hope that she realizes what an amazing mom she has that got her emergency care without having to leave the house.
    Your neighbors probably didn’t notice that their team lost to Haifa. Sports fans have been known to live in denial. Might I suggest a really good set of headphones as a short term solution. Either for your neighbors or more realistically for you. Just a friendly reminder…Rehavia is only a few bus stops away 😎💕🙏🏻


  4. PS….I am proud of you that you at least tried to escape to the movies. Can’t even begin to apologize for your viewing mates. I can assure you that in some other places around the world the talking and foot situation is accompanied by the crunch of people enjoying eating chicken feet. Seriously😂🎋

    Liked by 1 person

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