Be excellent to each other

I’m on hiatus this week, but what a week to take a break!

This week the Jerusalem March for Pride and Tolerance took place in Jerusalem.  After the murder that took place last year at the parade, this year’s parade was held under massive police security and 25,000 people attended.

The bubbles that were painted over the blood stains at the intersection where Shira Banki z”l was stabbed were repainted this year in her memory.

Many, many issues revolve around the parade and Jerusalem, but when I try to bring it down to basic principles, it seems pretty simple to me.

be excellent

Even Bill and Ted get it

2 thoughts on “Be excellent to each other

  1. Crazy World!! Summer half over 😟 Murders everywhere from the United States to Germany, Turkey and who wishes to mention more.
    Hiatus …agreed 👍🏻💫


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